Top 5 Best Ad Networks For Publishers

You are wondering how to monetize your blog or websites, which are best ad networks options for publishers and which are the best options for new blogger. In these article i will discuss about top 5 genuine high CPC ad networks for publisher as well as new blogger. Let’s go the point

1. Adsense:-

Adsense is the most popular advertising network in worldwide for display advertising that is owned by google. It is a great platform for monetize according to their high CPC ad quality. But Adsense has a strong program policy which is very hard to fulfill as a new blogger. New blogger always mistakes in blogs, so it is not easy for them to get approval in time. But old website can get easily approval from adsense if they fulfills adsense program policy and content policy. You can visit the adsense policy by click here


  1. High CPC ads are available.
  2. Minimum threshold is 100 dollar through bank transfer and Electronic fund transfer.
  3. It is the most popular and well known ad network for everyone. One blogspot owner also get approval from adsense easily if he fulfill their requirement.
  4. Auto ads are available. If you don’t want to place ads manually in your site, go with auto ads options. It will show ads in your site as per google artificial intelligence algorithm.
  5. User friendly ads are shown through adsense, no annoying ads are available.
  6. Contextual ads are available.
  7. Automatic payout options.


  1. It is not easy to get approval from adsense.
  2. Minimum threshold is 100 dollar that is big amount for new blogger.
  3. If you failed to maintain content policy or invalid clicks in your site or any spamming attempt in your website, adsense account may get disabled without giving any reason.

2. is one of the biggest ad network in the world. It is the best alternative for google adsense. Display and contextual ads are available here. Before applying you have to follow some steps to get approved.

  1. Contains should be written by English language only.
  2. A good amount of traffic required.
  3. Traffic must be maximum from these three countries i.e. USA, Canada and UK.
  4. Unique quality content without any third party infringement.
  5. Less advertising partners available in your site.

It’s content policy and program policy almost same with google adsense. You can visit their program policy by

Minimum amount for payment is 100 dollar through payoneer or wire transfer. You have to provide payment details by 15th of the month to get payment current month cycle.

3. Ezoic:-

Ezoic is a artificial intelligence platform to increase revenue, performance and speed in your website. It follows google monetization policy. It works with adsense. If you don’t have adsense account still you can apply for ezoic. Minimum requirement before applying ezoic are

  1. Minimum 10,000 sessions per month.
  2. Follow Adsense ad policy.
  3. Content must be unique and original.
  4. Good amount of traffic required.
  5. Good standing with google ad manager account.

Ezoic now removes the minimum 10,000 sessions/month requirement for publisher account as of now, but I cannot confirm how many days it will remain. After approve your site ezoic will test your website for 30 to 45 days for better placement of ad by using artificial machine learning. You can fasten your website speed by using speed tester and using ezoic cloud. High CPC ad are available in ezoic. You can maximize your income upto 150 % by using ezoic with other network. It sometimes shows google and ads. Minimum threshold is very less i.e. 20 dollar.

4. Adthrive:-

Adthrive is also google certified partner. High CPC display and video ad monetization available in adthrive account. You can increase revenue upto 170% by using adthrive. One problem is that they do like other larger ad partner with them. Before applying adthrive you need to follow below requirements-

  1. Maximum traffic must be from United States, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia.
  2. Unique and original content.
  3. HTTPS secured site.
  4. Minimum of 1,00000 page views in a month.
  5. Google analytics must be installed in your site.

It primarily focuses on lifestyle like baby,beauty, clean eating, crafts, deals, entertainment, fitness, food, gardening, health, home decor designing, men’s grooming, painting, news, personal finance, pets, sports, travel, tech, vegetarian , weeding, style related website. If any case advertiser does not pay you, still adthrive is ready to pay the publishers. Adthrive minimum payout is 25 dollar through paypal, wire transfer, check, bank transfer, direct deposit etc. If you are a USA publisher you can use all of the above payment method.

5. Mediavine:-

Mediavine is also a very good ad network to increase your earnings as well as good quality traffic. High impression rates are available in mediavine account. This is also primary work for life style related websites but not limited to. The minimum requirement before applying Mediavine are

  1. Content must be unique and original.
  2. Must be good standing with google before applying.
  3. Very long and long time user engaging content.
  4. 50,000 sessions per month required as recorded by google analytics.

Mediavine will pay you after 65 days from the end of month. You will get the payment on the 5th day of the month, if it fails as a holiday, payment will be done in the closest weekday. Payment will be done through Tipalti payment method. Tipalti supports different payment method like paypal, bank transfer, wire transfer etc.

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