Top 5 Chatting Forums Websites in The World

A online chatting forum is a unique place where we can discuss on any topics with various people. Here you can ask any queries or you can answer the forums questions on specific topics. For joining these forums you need to sign up through gmail account or joining by entering your full details. A few forums are very popular that focused on technology, programming, Questions and answers, Developers etc. These forums are getting popular day by day. We will discuss about top 5 popular in the world.


Reddit is a community based forum on people interest. It’s a place where millions of people visit every day to discuss on different topics. Inside reddit, each type of community is called subreddits. In subreddit you can post link, text, images, videos and questions etc. Everything inside the subreddits depends on the moderator who will decide which things can be allowed. You can upvote or downvote against any post / comment inside subreddits. You will get karma points when someone upvoted or downvoted your posts or comments. To discuss in community you need to join subreddits first. There are various subreddits available like news, crypto, movies, music, games, computer, tik tok, animation, gif, world news, blogging, technical, science, sports etc to join.

2. Quora:-

Quora is a questions answers based forums, founded in 2009. Here you can ask any questions on any topics. You can also submit your answers in quora. You will get answer for major topics inside quora. It allows various best answers for one questions. You can upvote/ downvote on any answers. It is a type of website with quality answers. The headquarter of quora is California, USA. It will suggest you when editing the questions as well as others answers.

3. Stack Overflow:-

Stack Overflow is a questions answers website for technical professional and programmers. It is created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. The site was launched in 2008. It has questions and answers available on programming on various topics. It is the trusted website for programmers to share their programming experience with the audience in these forums. 100 millions+ visitors are coming over each month. It allows to access content for registered users as well as guests. Here users can earn points and badges on the basis of their answers.

4. Ask Ubuntu:-

Ubuntu is a questions and answers website on the basis of Ubuntu operating system. It was launched in October 2010, it is a part of Slack Exchange Network. It almost work in the similar way as Stack Overflow. Users can gain reputation from answer’s response from community. Reputation gives the maximum trust and privilege to the user. You can also see the answers without login to the site.

5. Linus Tech tips:-

The Canadian Linus Gabriel founded the Linus Media group. It is a very big forum on different topics like General discussion, Tech news, off topic, LTT official, forum information, troubleshooting, graphics card, storage, audio, peripherals, Display, server, operating system, programs, programming, games, phone tablets, photography, member reviews, tutorials, hot deals, electronics, home theaters etc. You can discuss anything inside the forum. Don’t post duplicate things that published earlier in this forums.

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