Top 5 Highest paid bloggers of the world

Many want to join in blogging as a career but a few are become successful. Some of them are earning 20 million+ dollar annually. Their huge income from blogging influenced us to join blogging as a career. Hardworking and dedication is the main key to success in blogging. Do you have interest to know who are they? How did they start journey as a blogging? How much they are earning annually? Everything will be discussed in this article. Stay focused till the end.

1. Arriana Huffington :-

Arriana Huffington was born at Greece in 1950. She is graduated from Cambridge University in Economics. She founded Huffington post in 2005. The main niche of the blog was Life and politics. Arriana was selected 12th position in Forbes list as a Most influential women of the media and 42th position in The Guardian’s top 100 media list. I think Huffington Post is the most successful blog as per generating revenue in the world.

Blog name:-

Founder Name:- Arriana Huffington

Niche of the blog:– Politics, Entertainment, Life, Personal, Shopping etc.

Globally Alexa Rank:- 1,023

USA Alexa Rank:- 343

Visitors/month:- 100-200 Million.

Revenue Source:- Banner Advertising and Affiliate promotion.

Annual Earning:- 250 Million dollar ( Estimated)

Visitors by country:- USA 73.4% India 6.7% & Canada 3%

2. Peter Rojas:-

Peter Rojas born in 1975. He completed his graduation and Masters from Harvard University and University of Sussex respectively. He founded Engadget in 2004. Therefore, Peter also founded Gizmodo and Joystiq blogs.

Blog name:-

Founder Name:- Peter Rojas

Niche of the blog:– Reviews, Gaming, Entertainment, Products, Deals, Gear and Guidance to buyers.

Globally Alexa Rank:- 1,097

USA Alexa Rank:- 473

Visitors/month:- 32 Million(Approx)

Revenue Source:- Banner Advertising and Affiliate promotion.

Annual Earning:- 51 Millions dollar ( Estimated)

Visitors by country:- USA 48.2% Japan 22.5% & China 3.9%

3. Rand Fishkin:-

Rand Fishkin is the co founder and CEO of the Moz. He is the true leader of Search Engine Optimization. He started blogging at Moz at 1998. He influences many entrepreneurs by providing SEO tools and resources to grow their blog’s performances and Traffic.

Blog name:-

Founder Name:- Rand Fishkin

Niche of the blog:– SEO related products, tools, blogging and how to learn SEO.

Globally Alexa Rank:- 2,082

USA Alexa Rank:- 2,821

Visitors/month:- 3 – 4 Million(Approx)

Revenue Source:- Selling software and subscription service.

Annual Earning:- 45 Million dollar ( Estimated)

Visitors by country:- India 39.3% USA 13.8% & Pakistan 13.3%

4. Perez Hilton:-

Perez Hilton was born in Florida, USA. Perez graduated from New York University in the year of 2000. He started blogging in 2004 as a hobby. His blog contains gossip item about Celebrities. He also runs two YouTube channels with Blogging.

Blog name:-

Founder Name:- Perez Hilton

Niche of the blog:– Controversy, Relationship, Viral news on Celebrities

Globally Alexa Rank:- 7,751

USA Alexa Rank:- 1,165

Visitors/month:- 13 Million(Approx)

Revenue Source:- Advertising and Affiliates.

Annual Earning:- 42 Millions dollar ( Estimated)

Visitors by country:- USA 89.3% Canada 2.2% & India 0.5%

5. Brian Clark:-

Brian Clark was born at Bournemouth in UK in 1932. He graduated from Nottingham University. He is a British writer, got British Academy Television International Award. He founded the copyblogger at 2006.

Blog name:-

Founder Name:- Brian Clark

Niche of the blog:– Digital Marketing & Sales.

Globally Alexa Rank:- 16,744

USA Alexa Rank:- 11,209

Visitors/month:- 500K+(Approx)

Revenue Source:- Marketing Product Sales.

Annual Earning:- 33 Millions dollar ( Estimated)

Visitors by country:- India 37.1% USA 28.8% & Pakistan 5.1%

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