Top sites where you can share articles

If you are a new blogger, you want to share your articles with friends, followers, fans, readers. Then you need to find some publishers websites where you can share your articles, get traffic from there. You might hire a freelancer to do the job by paying some money. But there are few publishing websites available where you can publish and promote your articles within few minutes. Later you can decide which platform you like most and want to continue for future.

1. Linkedin:-

LinkedIn is a very popular and professional website since 2002. It has now 750 millions+ members available all over the world. In LinkedIn audiences are more valuable than any other websites or network. Actually this is made up for working professionals, Expert, Recruiters who can brings high quality traffic to your blogs. You can post your articles in LinkedIn groups or you can post it inside your profile and linked it with your blog’s best post. Thus you can collect direct audience to your blog from LinkedIn. It is one of the best places to share articles easily.

2. Twitter:-

Twitter is a micro blogging and social site since 2006. It is the best platform to engage with real time users with combination of hashtag & time. This site has the power to quick share your post within a few minutes. It is the great platform to follow and get industrial update, news in time. You can post your content’s link inside tweets very easily.

3. Slack:-

Slack is a communication platform developed by slack technology. Here you can register with free plan. You will find hundred of free groups that focused on marketing and promotion. You just need to become member of these groups and promote your articles through these groups with interested peoples. If your articles is good enough to impress them, you will get good referrals as well as back links from here.

4. Scoop it!:-

It is the free popular publishing platform for new bloggers. Use proper keyword and publish it in Scoop it! it will be flooded with audience. You can sign up for free to publish your top page with high quality content, it will spread automatically within your network. It is important to include content that is relevant to the page otherwise your content will be rejected. If your content approved then you can share a link to your blog to traffic back in your site.

5. Taboola:-

You can share your articles in Taboola and generate quality traffic to your content. Taboola post articles in the form of ad on publishers websites matching with the content. Generally these articles are published below the contents in place of recommended articles. This will increases the chances of clicking. They uses the articles that focused on targeted audience in different locations on different devices.

6. Medium:-

Medium is one of the content sharing platform where you can find lot of content creators. Inside medium there are lot of publication, who have lot of writers. Publication are reviewing articles before publishing online. If your articles selected by reputed publication then you will get lot of audience and readers to your post. Major of the writers are under payroll with publication. But this is available for few countries only.

7. Outbrain:-

Outbrain is similar to taboola, content sharing platform. It shares contents in premium sites like CNN and ESPN. It follows Paid per click formula, You need to pay only when someone clicks your articles. You need to submit your content; need to make a campaign how much you want to pay per click on daily basis and how long you want to run the campaign?

There is no limits today on sharing contents in different places. If you like to add some comments, please feel free to share your views in comments.

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