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The planet is 4.54 billion years old. It is the place where life is originated, remains the only planet where life thrives. Over the past few centuries, we have learned much about Earth still most people are not known about few weird facts. Have you ever wondered what it might be? Fine! Let’s discuss these weird facts about the earth.

1. Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after a Greek or Roman God:-

All of the planets in our solar system are either named after a greek or roman god whereas the earth is the exception.

Mercury is the god of commerce, travel, thieves, and shopkeepers in roman mythology.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Earth is the only planet in our solar system not derive from Greek or Roman mythology. The name Earth is a German name that means“the ground”.

Mars is the Roman god of war. It got the name due to its red color.

Jupiter is the king of gods in Roman mythology that why it is the largest planet in the solar system.

Saturn is the Roman god of agriculture, wealth, generation and liberation, etc.

Uranus is the Greek god of the Heavens.

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea and freshwater.

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld in Roman mythology.

So, only Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after a Greek or Roman God.

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2. Almost 60 Tons of Cosmic Dust Fall to Earth Daily:-

“Cosmic dust” sounds spectral but chances are you have breathed it with a good amount just on your way to work. Every day, dust from meteorites, comets, and other solar agencies falls to the earth in small particles that increase sodium and iron levels in the planet’s atmosphere. The amount of sodium in the atmosphere is almost equal to the amount of cosmic dust in the atmosphere. At last, the researchers have figured out later that the actual amount of dust falling to the earth is along the lines of 60 tons per day.

Cosmic dust
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3. The Oceans Hold $771 Trillion Worth of Gold that lies hidden :-

The ocean is a good place to look for gold. But it is extremely difficult to get. According to the researchers, oceans water contains 20 million tons of gold. Based on price at 42.51 dollars per one gram, that amount of gold will be worth 771 trillion dollars. World GDP amounted to around 85 trillion dollars in 2020. So, it is almost 10 times the world GDP. Each liter of water contains around 13 billionths of a gram of gold.

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4. Rocks Can Walk themselves at Death valley :-

Death Valley National Park is a very mysterious place in California. It is also the driest and lowest elevation in North America. One of the strangest features of death valley is rocks are moving across the flat desert. That has been documented several times and the conditions were not too sunny, with steady winds. The rocks vary from few ounces to hundred pounds. In 2014 Scientists were first time able to capture the movement by using time-lapse photography.

Death valley
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5. Earth’s Core is almost as Hot as the Sun’s Surface:-

Earth’s inner core is far hotter than the prior experiment result. A new experiment suggests that the temperature of the center of the earth is almost the same as the temperature of the surface of the sun (5800K). The center of the earth’s temperature is almost 6000 celsius (10,832 Fahrenheit) that’s hot.

Earth centre
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6. There Are 10 million times more viruses than stars in the Universe:-

More than a quadrillion viruses exist on earth but a fraction of them that surrounded us actually pose any threat to us. As in over 10 million times more viruses than the stars in the universe.

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