What is Cyclone Tauktae?

Cyclone “Tauktae” mean?

The cyclone named as ‘Tauktae’. It was coined by Myanmar. In local language ‘Tauktae’ meaning ‘Gecko’. Gecko is a kind of reptile.This is the first cyclone in the region this year.

Why is cyclone named?

It was recognized by these name.It is named for its convenience in identifying and issuing cyclone warnings. Because it’s easier to remember names than to remember latitude and longitude numbers at any given time. In addition, if there is a name, it is also convenient for the news to be published and the media. If there is a name, it is more acceptable to the people of the region. Typically, a list of name proposals is sent to the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) on behalf of a member country in a region.

Cyclone effected areas:- Cyclone affected areas shown by zoom earth map in the given below

Details Explained:-

Cyclone Tauktae is getting more and more powerful and terrifying after collecting Energy. Taokte is turning into a very strong cyclone. The maximum speed of the storm may be 175 km per hour.It could turn into a very strong cyclone on Monday. The speed of the storm can be 150-160 km per hour. The maximum speed of the storm may be 175 km per hour. This terrible cyclone could hit between Monday and Tuesday. The cyclone may touch the Gujarat coast on the morning of the 18th May.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sitting in an emergency meeting today to check the preparations for the cyclone. Officials from various government departments, including the National Disaster Response Force, will attend the meeting.

The meteorological department has already issued alerts for the cyclone in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra. In the next 24 hours, the low pressure created in the Arabian Sea over Lakshadweep will turn into a cyclone. High alert has been issued in the southern and western parts of Tamil Nadu and NDRF team has been sent to Coimbatore. The storm may cause heavy rains in Kanyakumari and the sea may be rough.

The state has been advised to suspend fishing operation completely .Rainfall forecast has been issued for the coastal areas from the 16th to the 18th due to the impact of the cyclone. The vaccination process has been suspended in Mumbai on the 15th and 16th due to the cyclone.

According to the weather office, Lakshadweep, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu coast as well as Goa and Maharashtra coast on May 15 forecast meteorologists. The Meteorological Department has also warned that the sea waves in Lakshadweep could rise up to 1 km above sea level. Local people has been advised to stay at home.

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