Which subreddits have the best discussion

There is a lot of subreddit available for having a discussion on every topic. Here is the list of subreddits where you can ask anything, you can submit answers, and also you can share your thoughts through these subreddits.

1. Ask Reddit

You can ask any questions and give answer thought on asked questions. The total number of members in this subreddit is 33 million.

Community Guideline:-

  1. The only direct questions can be asked.
  2. No personal request and no personal info.
  3. You cannot request reddit rewards or favors.
  4. Be respectful of each other.
  5. Comment reply must be full of information, not just a link or image submitted.
  6. Only ask open-ended questions without containing any link.

Please remember to read full community guidelines before joining this subreddit.

2. Legal Advice

This is the place where you can ask simple legal questions. This advice is only for your information purpose. It is not the final or official advice. The total number of members in this subreddit is 1.6 million.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. The Response must contain legal questions.
  2. Personal attacks are not allowed.
  3. Do not advise media opinions.
  4. Advertising and recommending lawyers are not allowed.
  5. Questions with personal information with identity will be removed.

This community is to help you with the right direction and advise you how you will get further help.

3. Confession

It is the place where you can confess what went wrong in the past and how you will acknowledge your guilt. The total number of members in this subreddit is 2.6 million.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. No post with the relationship.
  2. No politics and no trolling.
  3. Don’t encourage bad behavior.
  4. Specific confession only.

What is a confession? You will get a clear idea inside confession rules.

4. Explain Like I’m Five

It is a kind of forum subreddit for discussion. It is a very friendly forum with a lot of explanations. The total number of members of this group is 19.6 million.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. Don’t repeat older posts.
  2. Comments must be with proper explanation.
  3. Knowledge must be within secondary program standards.
  4. Only ask open-ended questions.

The main purpose of this subreddit is to simplify the complex example for laypeople(within Secondary standard).

5. Crazy Ideas

It is the place where you can share your innovative idea with group members. The total number of members of the group is 684K.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. Share original and interesting ideas
  2. Don’t share common ideas.
  3. Be nice to people.

You can share a post with a title and description ( Description only in text format, no links allowed here).

6. Glitch in the Matrix

It is the place where you can share your Glitch story and you can discuss the eyewitness events. The total number of members of the subreddit is 815K.

Community Guidelines:- There are several guidelines for this subreddit. You need to check these before posting anything on the forum.


When you can’t remember something that happened past, even google search also not helping you, it is the right place for you from where you will get help. The total number of members of the subreddit is 1.8 Million.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. Don’t post arbitrary post titles.
  2. No repeated post within 1 week.
  3. No adult post.
  4. Don’t delete your acknowledged answers.

When you will get an answer to the question, then kindly reply to the answer with a comment “Solved”.

8. Insightful Questions

It is the subreddit for asking any type of open-end questions. There are no specific guidelines here to post on this forum. Whatever is in your mind, you can ask. The total number of members in the subreddit is 115K.

9. DepthHub

It is the community for high-quality discussion and inquiry. You can share only post with titles and URLs. The total number of members in the subreddit is 378K.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. No non-Reddit link is allowed like an external website link.
  2. No low-effort general comment.
  3. Personal attack is not allowed.
  4. Don’t submit your own’s post or comment.

10. I watched an old movie

Nowadays no one talking about watching old movies. This is the right place for submitting old movies names and stories. The total number of groups in this subreddit is 75.1K.

Community Guidelines:-

  1. Add movie name and released year with a title.
  2. Only for old movies.
  3. Only post movies that you watched the first time.
  4. Be nice to everyone.

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