Why you should join Ezoic at 2021

Ezoic is the google certified publisher partner. It was established in 2010 and it uses Artificial Intelligence to improve revenue according to performance and user experience. They uses automated intelligent optimization and advanced ad testing tools. It also offers site speed, cloud and cloudflare protection to the publishers.

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Join Now at Ezoic as a publisher

How to Join?

There is a few minimum requirement before joining Ezoic as a publisher.

  1. Site content must follow google Adsense content policy.
  2. You must have good understanding with google ad manager.
  3. Unique and original content.
  4. Content language must be supported by adsense.
  5. Good quality traffic.
  6. 10,000* Sessions per month. ( *Now Ezoic removes the minimum sessions requirement for the publisher.)

So Now it is a good scope for new publisher to join Ezoic monetization program. They really appreciate the new publisher’s work to help them grow in future.

Source: Ezoic

Advantages of Ezoic:-

  1. Revenue Growth:– Ezoic placeholders are testing billions of ads combination through 100 placeholders to generate more income. It really helps to increase revenue after ad testing completion.
  2. Great Analytics and Reporting:- Ezoic dashboard has complete information and statistics of all visitors. You can see several options like EPMV, Revenue, Visits, Page Views, Engaged page views, Average engage time, Bounce rate etc. There are few more options available like Traffic, Experiment, Audience, Behavior, Sites, Content, Technology, Traffic Source, User experience, SEO etc. It has a instant update real time user option available.
  3. Great Customer Support:– Ezoic customer service working very quick than adsense. They reply within few hours of creating ticket. Now they have enable app chat support for new publisher with a validity of three months.
  4. Low payment Threshold:- The minimum threshold in ezoic is very low i.e. 20 dollar. Whereas Adsense minimum payout is 100 dollar.
  5. Advertising Control:- You will have total control which companies ads you want to show in your site. You can block some advertiser’s ad if you don’t want to show.
  6. Ad Restriction:- You can control how much ads you want to show per page by installing ad restriction app.
  7. CDN service:- Ezoic provides free CDN service for publishers to store cache in different data centre worldwide to boost up site speed.

Join Now at Ezoic as a publisher


  1. Small ad under the page:- After 1 month trail period ezoic will show a small ad in the bottom of the page. Actually it is not a big problem because Most of users are not scrolling till the bottom. You can remove these ad by paying 5% of revenue to ezoic.
  2. Wait At least 1 month to increase revenue:- You cannot earn good revenue after joining ezoic. You have to wait at least 4 weeks to 14 weeks to get high revenue.

Chrome Extension:- Ezoic has chrome extension available for placeholder set up. You can easily set placeholder on your website by using chrome extension.

Ezoic payment Methods:- Ezoic provides below different payment methods.

  1. Check( It is recommended only USA and Canada.)
  2. Direct Deposit( Only USA)
  3. International Wire transfer Via pioneer.
  4. Paypal

A small fee will be deducted over different payments methods.

Join Now at Ezoic as a publisher

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