Why you should start a blog?

It is a big chance for me to share my personal feeling, views, lessons, experience from life. It is the way to communicate with audience. I have discovered so many things in my life , I want to share it with you guys. It helps me to washes out my bad days in the past and I want to encourage more people to blog. I blog for discover information for everyone that is accessible for everyone for free. I think you understood my opinion why I blog? Now lets discuss why you should start a blog.

  1. To improve your writing ability:- Writing is most very valuable thing. Although, there are few persons think writing comes form born with talents. But it is not right , writing regularly makes a better writer. When you first try to write, it was feeling awkward , As you start writing you will get flow of writing , you will look it getting easier gradually. As you consistently write in your blog, your writing skill will be perfect like professional writer.
  2. To share knowledge:- A lot of person start a blog to share their knowledge. If you want to share your personal experience, skills, opinions and feelings then you should write a blog. To share knowledge a lot of research required on different thing. So, you will gain a lot of knowledge.
  3. To inspire audience:- To inspire audience through writing is a great satisfactory experience. When people responds in positively after reading your article, you feel awesome. You will feel like connecting to the audience. Besides, You can influence ,changing their lives, helping others, making their days productive and create something new through writing.
  4. For making money:- This is the effective point that you are mostly interested to. You can generate income through writing in blog. Many people are earning money by blogging. Some of people successful as blogger and they are earning a fair amount of money. You can use blogger as profitable and lifelong main income source.
  5. Advertising:– A lot of company want to advertise their products through blog and they share a good revenue for advertise their product. You can talk about their products to the audience and inform the audience that new products are going to be launched in future. You can advertise your own products also.
  6. To meet new people:– Starting blog is a platform to meet new people, new community .It will be easier to make friends since you share common interest. A new blogging community influence new blogger also. Whatever your content is, always there will be certain people waiting to curdle you.
  7. Develop healthier habits:- Blogging is activity that needs discipline, commitment, passionate and time. You may not write when you don’t want. As soon as more people comments, share and read your blog, you also feeling motivated. And gradually you will become a professional blogger from a amateur writer. Who know from there, it may lead to even greater things in future.
  8. You will be more organized thinker:- Writing give you rethink , edit and change your feelings. It allows you to analyze logic behind your thinking. It will make you mentally very strong , sharp and good thinker for future.
  9. To create a record:– You create a record for future by writing .Unique writing helps to think broader and makes a record to win prizes also.
  10. Gain more Confidence:– By writing you will gain more confidence for yourself. When readers responds you through email, text , social network etc, then you will get a positive emotions. You realize that your opinions has a value over community.
  11. Time pass:- You can spent free time by writing a blog. It will help you to kill extra boring time. At least, you have something to do in your own.

I’m writing it only from my own beliefs and from my past experience. But I do expect I can inspire you along these way . You are also welcome to leave your ideas in the comment field below.

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